° Costs on top of the purchase price

What percentage should you take into account for expenses, on top of the purchase price?

There is always a 15% fee on top of the purchase price, this is more than expected so there will always be something about:

• 10% TAX

• Security

• TW + 5% all kinds of costs below the various costs

1. Lawyer Fees

2. Notary fees

3. The contracts of the water and electricity connection

4. Taxes for municipal, county, land registry

5. NIE treatment

6. translations (eg contract from Spanish to English translation)

= All together up to 15% costs

For shared costs on a project they charge between € 45 and € 75 depending from project to project. The costs are higher by the following:

• Heated swimmingpool

• Elevator

• Located on golf course

• Indoor gym

• .....

In other words, premium is paid

The management of an apartment building is not 100% the same as in Belgium/UK/Europe. A reserve fund is not directly applied, if there is this then discussed major cost in anticipation of the annual meeting and will be decided by a vote whether the cost or is not executed.

Maintenance of swimming pools and gardens is done by a local company, if one is not satisfied by this company is again presented at the general meeting.

There is also usually a president present, which is one of the residents of the building who is resident or is still very often. And here, the same rule applies, if one is not satisfied with the President, this 'voted out' are.

If not all the apartments are sold rotate the co-owners NOT for the common costs of the vacant apartments, these costs are always paid by the builder until everything is sold.

yearly costs

• Common costs of the building

• Insurance (fire insurance, contents insurance)

• Non resident tax

• Suma (land charges)

Consumption of water and electricity

property tax

Property tax for residents is clearly cheaper than in Belgium/UK/Europe.

However, the cost of the charge concerns only the half of the cost in Belgium/UK. Ex. apartment which the AI € 300 is the cost of a second tourist tax € 150 per year, a little dwelling.

Your purchase and payment

Proceedings of the payment of construction projects

The payment is done in any case in the form of discs. When a purchase is requested a "reservation" of 3,000 or € 6,000. For purchases of villas above the € 500,000 it is normal that the reservation cost € 9,000. Because the sales are going so fast the builder must have an assurance that you will buy the apartment or house, an option of 3 weeks is impossible!

Best to mention also agree that bidding is not possible. The prices are fixed and the projects are very popular so there can not be negotiations with the builder.

At thrift sales, there is sometimes a possibility to negotiate the price, we help you also note with pleasure!

Then there are dependent builder to builder different systems, one builder requires a deposit of 30% or 50% and then pay the remainder to act. The other builder work progresses in installments depending on the building.

The builder must provide a bank guarantee, if not, we will block the sale, we only work with reliable builders. Before a lawyer is therefore enabled. In Spain have the notary who did not check formalities to have the deed and thus legal advice and guidance not a luxury!

The keys also performed at the instrument.

Typically, a power of attorney given to the lawyer for the deed. Otherwise, you must go to Spain on the date which they say, if not suitable for you is of course a difficult task. The key therefore remains in the custody of the attorney

. There is also a 10-year liability for the builder. (Guarantee period)

purchasing procedure

• Visit several projects locally

• If you decide to purchase the developers ask for a deposit of € 3000 - € 6000 € -9,000 depending on project (reservation costs, though this is the first installment).

• The property is reserved for you.

• Your lawyer asks all documents (bank guarantees, sales, insurance, building permits ...) i.v.m. your house / apartment for review and possible adjustments in your sales contract will be adjusted in your favor.

• If everything is OK, you can proceed to the signing of the sales contract.

• You are invited to Spain for creating your no one song, open Spanish bank account and possibly choice materials.

• All payments are deposited to the account of third parties, the lawyer only with approval the money is paid by the lawyer to the account of the project developer, this happens to all of drives that must be paid.

At completion will set a date for the execution of the deed at a Spanish notary. Against which must be paid for everything and you will receive the key and you are the official owner, congratulations!

What we stand for!

Buy your dream home; safe and tailored to your needs!

A purchase our office takes very safe, the law firm we work with is strictly for the builders, everything is controlled to the last detail and that our customers are always very pleased.

The common cost / reserve one has so far very little needed as all projects are new construction.

Also good to know is that there are now also takes account of the energy standards. The apartments are well insulated!

For the rest is life there very pleasant, sun, good food, lots of enjoyment and that the Spanish population is not as stressed as we Belgians take their rest a little on and it is really possible to relax

With us it's always coming home because you have your apartment arranges and makes a home you not only a second home but also a second home.

Many people ask us, if you have an apartment in Spain, you go do anything else on a trip? But we have many people who still find they still make beautiful trips, of course quicker even go to Spain if you have a few days off for the cheap flights and the easy access this is not a big bridge.

The airport is usually rented a car, it is also very cheap and easy. Pick up at the airport when you arrive and putting him at the airport when you leave.

Hopefully this is clear information! If you have any questions you can certainly call or send an email!

You can always contact also for visiting with purpose to purchase.

We organize everything for you (leave as many details as possible about which is important for you and / or a necessity!) Looking for your dream home!

Visits for purchase

We organize viewing trips for people who want to make a purchase in Spain.

• roundtrip back to Spain / Alicante

• Take to and from the airport

• 3, 4 days hotel

• Breakfast and lunch

• Sightseeing of projects

• Exploring the area

If one wants to do this trip it is necessary that you are ready to buy, because we have often noticed in the past that people have a few weeks to think about and that their apartments it is sold to someone else, that's then very unfortunate and the search can begin again. However, we do well always our best to make the apartment as long as possible 'fix' so that the customer has the option of 'too sleep on it "because we also realize that this is not just a small purchase!

These trips are personal, the trip goes through when it suits you best. No other people are also with, just you, Rita and / or Bernard.


If you want to rent, we can also here working your house or apartment, we provide advertising, holding keys in and give these to your customers, see if your apartment or house is in order when the tenants leave, care of the cleaning the house, depending on how many services you pay between 15 and 25% of the income. In consultation you can also of course increasingly determine for yourself when you want to rent!


RITAMAR specializes in sales and management in Spain. Our clients are always advised by our team of lawyers and consultants.

Our specialty is the area of Costa Blanca and Costa Calida, where we have some beautiful coasts, a perfect climate and beautiful beaches. The products and promotions that we offer are houses, new or second-hand apartments, villas, bungalows, penthouses, very important to us to explain as delicately as possible what are your priorities and desires!

Our company gives a guarantee of advice, thanks to our professional team of lawyers and managers at its disposal during the sale, advice, tax, notary, Visa, mortgages, etc ... to proceed safely.


All the advice possible thanks to all the languages we speak easier.

buildings, land ...

We therefore work especially tailored to the customer!

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Ritamar Properties is a company that was incorporated in 2016, with 10 years of experience in the real estate sector. In our company we sell new homes, resale and bank owned homes. In addition always well advised by our team of lawyers and consultants, for security and peace

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